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Who is behind oishivegetarian?

Hi I’m Chika, the face behind oishivegetarian. 

I’m a mom to a 3-year-old, who loves to eat, cook, bake and happens to be a vegan. We live in beautiful Hokkaido, the Northern island of Japan, renowned for ski resorts and great nature.

You can read more about me below. 

What does oishivegetarian mean?

In Japanese, oishii means yummy. When I started my Instagram account under this name I was still vegetarian. Some people still think that vegetarian and vegan meals are plain, boring, and tasteless. I take it as my mission to challenge those stereotypes one plate at a time. Hence the name oishivegetarian was born.

What  does oishivegetarian offer?

At the oishivegetarian cooking class, you can learn how to cook homestyle Japanese meals, both traditional and modern - what Japanese locals are eating on an everyday basis.Everything is prepared with all plant-based and wholesome ingredients. One of the keys to a truly tasty Japanese meal is the use of traditional Japanese seasonings, especially fermented ones such as soy sauce and miso. Once you get to know how to use these seasonings, packed with nutrients and umami, it will take your home cooked Japanese meals to the next level. In addition, they work fabulous in non-Japanese foods as well. The classes are offered in my little kitchen and also online.

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Chika’s story

I was introduced to veganism circa 2011 via my partner’s colleagues while we lived in Copenhagen. At first the idea was so foreign to me that I did not even consider following their suite. Yet I was curious and wanted to know where they are coming from. So I started to educate myself on issues surrounding the practice of eating animal products through books and documentaries, and a couple years later I came to the conclusion that stopping eating meat makes more sense for various reasons. Thus my partner and I decided to go vegetarian and eventually vegan.

Although growing up my mom was (and still is) a great cook, honestly I was not particularly passionate about cooking before turning vegetarian. At the beginning, I had no idea what to cook or how to cook without using animal products and ended up living with an enduring feeling that something has gone missing from our plates. But since I grew up eating good homemade food, I had no intention to give up the joy of eating only because I’ve become vegan. And there began my adventure into the world of vegan cooking.

I attended all kinds of vegan cooking and baking classes, took a course on natural foods, and even learned how to make tofu from scratch from a traditional tofu artisan.My passion has grown even stronger after our little one was born, who is vegan her entire life both in and out of my belly, all the more because I don’t want her to feel she is missing something for being vegan. 

In the spring of 2020, we came back to Japan after spending some time overseas (in the US and Australia). During this time, I have had the fortune of eating and cooking vegan foods of various kinds, which has allowed me to appreciate the unique virtues of Japanese food for vegan cooking. Traditional fermented seasonings, kanbutsu dried foods, and the rich variety of soybean products (including but not limited to tofu) are cases in point: Full of umami and health benefits, they can make such wonderful vegan meals! 

My goal is to share this joy of vegan Japanese cooking with the world. So please join me, we can make the world a little bit happier and tastier place one plate at a time.


Natural Foods Coordinator 

Tofu meister